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O2 Practice - Group Sessions

O2 Practice - Group Sessions-

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Also available as a webinar!




Course Description

This course teaches the fundamental concepts of oxygen safety and good practices related to operation and maintenance of oxygen systems. Students will learn about the oxygen hazard, become familiar with common ignition mechanisms and oxygen compatible materials, and understand the use of safe practices to minimize the risk of fire and maximize hazards awareness. Students earn .3 CEUs, 3 PDHs or 6 category B CEUs for CHT/CHRNs. This course is designed to optimize a group experience.

Oxygen System Safety Facilitator Badge

Isn't this the same as your eTraining course for Single Users?

While the material is similar, the presentation is a key factor in making this course distinct.
You make the difference when you act as Facilitator to your group in your company, and WHA prepares you for this role. Through direct consultation with WHA engineers, the group Facilitator has the ability to pause between modules to address company-specific applications of the material to on-site systems, essentially making the course customizable. Questions that participants have can be answered immediately by the Facilitator, who acts as the company liaison. Facilitators receive .7 CEUs or 7 PDHs, as well as a Facilitator certificate.

Course Features

• Facilitator directed, but with full narration of material
• Half-day on-demand access (group user license)
• Modularized 20-30 minute sections for flexibility
• Total training time approximately 3 hours
• Flash-based web access
• Prepared by internationally recognized oxygen safety engineers
• Certificate issued upon successful completion

Total price includes Facilitator's course and guide ($295 value), 2 hours expert consulting, student course materials, and eTraining for 25 participants.



Goals & Outcomes

The learning goal of this course is to study industry best practices and incorporate them into daily oxygen system handling, operation and maintenance.

The student will examine the hazards of oxygen use, recognize compatible materials, identify common ignition mechanisms in oxygen systems, and describe industry best practices related to oxygen handling, system cleaning, inspection, assembly, operations and maintenance.


Who should take this course?

Individuals involved in the use, specification, procurement, operation, maintenance, instrumentation, safety, management or incident investigation of systems, components and fires involving liquid or gaseous oxygen or oxygen-enriched gas mixtures. This might include engineers, technicians, medical and health professionals, home healthcare personnel, safety and forensic experts, fire investigators, emergency responders, facility supervisors and plant managers, operators, maintenance personnel, distributors and refilling station personnel and individual users of oxygen.



What the Facilitator does in the Group eTraining

STEP 1» Take the individual eTraining course

Purchase the single user license here. You will receive our Facilitator's Guide to assist you in planning the course.

STEP 2» Make payment for group eTraining

Please contact us at training@wha-intl.com or call 575-523-5623 to make arrangements. Payments can be made online with a credit card, with an invoice and by check/wire.

STEP 3» Schedule your consultation appointment

If desired, make an appointment with one of our instructors by contacting training@wha-intl.com. We provide up to two free hours of consultation time to assist you in course preparation.

STEP 4» Select and schedule a course date

Communicate your scheduling preferences with the instructor so that your group has access to the training.

STEP 5» Print all materials

From the facilitator packet, select the class materials that you have chosen to include for the presentation of this course. Options include intermediate quizzes, a final application exercise, and participant requests for certificates.

STEP 6» Return Request for Certificate forms and Facilitator Evaluation form

If desired, return these forms once you have completed facilitating the course. Official certificates will be mailed to your preferred address.