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O2 Aware - In-House

O2 Aware - In-House-

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Course Description

The course serves to increase understanding and awareness of oxygen safety for all personnel working with or around oxygen. It provides a basic introduction to oxygen and the oxygen fire hazard, need-to-know insights and safety information on materials flammability and ignition, along with good practices essential for safe handling and operations.

WHA’s Oxygen Safety Awareness course is shorter and more general in content than our Oxygen Systems Operations & Maintenance eTraining course, but still highlights important concepts on oxygen fire hazards, materials compatibility, ignition sources, system cleaning, and visual inspection for contaminants. Quizzes are provided to review the main points in each section.

Course length is 30 minutes.



Goals & Outcomes

The learning goal of this course is to create awareness of the oxygen hazard and introduce safe, risk-mitigating practices.

The student will examine how oxygen increases the flammability and ignitability of materials, will discover how to apply a simple risk management mode, and recognize good practices that safely defend against the hazards.


Intended Audience

Anyone who works with or around oxygen.

Specifically applicable to technicians, system operators, maintenance personnel, safety officers, welders, millwrights, pipe fitters, quality control/quality assurance personnel, system managers, engineers, and others.