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Ignition Pill - ASTM G175

Ignition Pill - ASTM G175-


Ignition pills are fabricated according to the specifications of ASTM G175 Phase 2.  The ignition pill consists of a Nylon (polyamide) cup containing 10 mg aluminum powder and 3 mg iron powder. The top of the cup is sealed with five layers of polyamide sheeting.

The ignition pill was developed to simulate both particle impact events and cylinder valve seat ignition. Particle impact events are simulated by iron/aluminum powder within the ignition pill. Nonmetallic promoters within the ignition pill simulate cylinder valve seat ignition. The nonmetallic promoters are also used to bind and kindle ignition of the metallic powder. The ignition pill is used for promoted ignition testing of components.

Ignition Pill



Ignition Pills are sold in sets of 10 at $65.00 each.